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— Topics on Hebrew Roots of our Faith – Testimonies – Current Events & End Times

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Comfort ye My People – Songs/Psalms

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Singing/Speaking in Tongues
The Passion of Jesus Playlist
Free Audio Book The Passion of Jesus

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Song written and sung by Lauri

Iran/Islam Info and Testimonies Playlist

Info on Islam and Testimonies of Muslims coming to know Jesus
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Feasts of Israel/ Roots of our Faith


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Stay in the Sukka Part II Mystikcenter

More about the Sukkah, The Feast of Sukkot, The Living Waters – Mayim Hayim – Flowing to us along with the LIGHT of the World in these DARK TIMES>
  1. Stay in the Sukka Part II
  3. Surprise! The Great Divide?
  4. Wars, Famines, Plagues… What next?
  5. The 7 Heads ARE the 7 Mountains Rev 17:9

Calculating the Last Seven by Miner Perkins — Free Hebrew Study and Downloads and Prophetic Timeline We are in the End Times Time is much shorter to Jesus Second Coming than most people think.