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It's Almost Over Mystikcenter

Tell My People, 'It's Almost Over' word from the Lord April 22, 2023 – The Feast of Shavuot Maty 25-27th, Pentecost and Simchat Torah – Dancing with the Word ๐Ÿ™‚ Includes Daniel's Last Week 2017-2024 VideoFollow me on Rumble & youtube. More info on My blog http://www.lauriMatisseStudio.comwww.calculatingthelastseven.comI made a mistake, I referenced Norway Farmers, but I meant to say Netherlands.Also, for my books and children's books http://www.laurimatisse.comHelp our friend in Africa to feed others! It's that serious : me on Rumble:'s Blog:https://laurimatissestudio.comTo order my books or email me for prayer:https://www.evesmemoirs.comMystikcenter PODCASTS:Itunes: find out more about prophetic timelinehttps://www.calculatingthelastseven.comTo listen to the Passion of Jesus Audio Book:Playlist: Roth Interview – Testimony 'No man knows the DAY nor the HOUR of His comingโ€ฆ Can we calculate the Year? or the Month?The Last Week of Daniel, (Last Seven Years), I believe started at the Feast of Sukkot 2017 right after the Great Revelation 12:1 Sign which appeared on September 23, 2017. (We are in the corrected Hebrew Calendar Year 6021.)To view my End Times 101 Series on Youtube:Playlist: Hebrew Calendar Link:
  1. It's Almost Over
  2. Passover 2.0 Day of Darkness
  3. The GREAT Deception
  4. The Turning Point – Nuclear?
  5. Stay in the Sukka Part II

Calculating the Last Seven by Miner Perkins — Free Hebrew Study and Downloads and Prophetic Timeline We are in the End Times Time is much shorter to Jesus Second Coming than most people think.