Lauri Matisse is an award winning Architect, Artist, Author of Inspirational Books; no more black days, The Walking Dead, & Eve’s Memoirs, The Passion of Jesus. She is also a Filmmaker, Screenwriter, Musical Writer, Singer/Songwriter. Children’s Books: Awk Dawg ‘Pet Adoption Day’; Cat’s Curious Capers ‘The Music from the Water’; and April in Paris. She has four beautiful children who have raised her. 🙂 

In her work, she weaves the thread of redemption into the complex journey of the human soul. Her blog, Weaving Light, is written to share her new books, art and film/plays, and to inspire creative souls to reach ever higher, then plunge into in their own Rio de Oro… River of Gold.

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My newest book, Eve’s Memoirs~ About
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