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The Lord said to me, ‘I AM HIDING…’ July 25, 2021

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Youtube took DOWN my recent video July 25, 2021 I posted. I didn’t say much about the vaccination,

except that I am not getting it because I am wanting to stay out of the ‘numbering system’ and I am

not getting the Covid ‘Mark’ which is the Covid Passport. The Green Passport in Israel is called the Green ‘MARK’

in Hebrew. It is the ‘MARK’ which numbers you and will later be placed on forehead or arm/hand.

I did, however, talk about adverse effects from the V, however, I did put important news information links about the V

into my Description Box. Is this why youtube took the video down? Why do they want to suppress the information

so much? Suppressing it makes me even more SUSPICIOUS.

FYI: Here are IMPORTANT links about the Adverse Effects and other IMPORTANT INFO

Dr. Charles Hoffe issues Vaccine warning… Deep dive on endothelial damage to blood vessels…

High School Student in Utah received Vaccination hospitalized with Blood Clots

Bells Palsy Side Effects

Deaths Reported due to Vaccination CDC US:

blood clots young men 16-30 years old linked to Pfizer Vaccine:

published June 23, 2021 regarding:

Data suggests ‘likely’ link between COVID-19 mRNA vaccines, rare heart issues in teens, CDC panel says

 is a Vascular Disease (Blood Disease) so the vaccination can attack the heart and blood (Vascular System)

Use of Fetal Tissue can get you released of needing the vaccination: Joni Erickson’s website on Covid info and Vaccine info 

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My best friend’s husband just died from blood clots around his heart right after he got the covid vaccination which was mandatory at his work, week of September 20th, 2021.

This and other disturbing information about the ‘Mark’ of the Beast System, the False Prophet and the Times we are living in which I believe are the End Times and we are currently in the Tribulation. Thank you for listening and for sharing!
Dr. Charles Hoffe issues Vaccine warning… Deep dive on endothelial damage to blood vessels… – CITIZEN FREE PRESS

Great Doctors Info Video on Vaccine:

September 25, 2021