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Luke 22:39-52

“As we continued our journey to the Garden of Gethsemane, also called, “The Oil Press,” on the lower slope of the Mount of Olives, the golden lantern moon cast a shadow of My body onto the hillside. It was a long shadow—a looming shadow—a shadow of death.

I reflected on David’s twenty-third psalm.

“As I walk through the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.”

  This comforted My soul.

I thought of My disciples’ faces before we parted, as they questioned Me with their eyes full of wonder. I returned their gaze, looking deeply into each of their souls. They might have thought I would overthrow the Roman Government in a few days. They might have been asking themselves if they had the courage to fight for My Kingdom. Possibilities and scenarios of the events to come, crowded their minds, but I had already spoken.

As I soberly left to pray, I asked them to join me…

“Stay with Me and keep watch with Me.”

But alas, they were very sleepy.

I had to keep alert. It was vital for Me to keep watch. I watched and prayed, for after all, I knew what I must do.

As I began to pray, I did not notice the beauty of the moon’s shadows playing softly on the branches of the olive trees, for all the while, I was thinking of you. My soul was sorrowful, even to the point of death. My knees began to ache for I had been here quite some time. Tears began to fall as I prayed for you. The tears felt heavy. Each tear seemed to represent one soul, each precious human soul, of every generation, who depended on Me at this moment to make the decision that would save their life forever.

Great drops of thick, red blood began to fall down my face. I had never sweated drops of blood before. I asked My Father in heaven if there was any other way, for I knew the decision I had to make. I was thinking of you, as well as all of humanity, hanging in the balances between heaven and hell. I was fully aware of the cup that was set before Me. I knew the liquid I must drink, the liquid of My Father’s perfect judgment, the price of redemption. The cup contained the bride price for each soul. The Father’s price for his beloved people would require a blood sacrifice. The cup I must accept is the will of the Father.

The cup contained molecules of you, your life, your decisions, your sin, your death, but more importantly—your inherent need for atonement. The cup held the Garden of Eden, the fall of humanity, the sins of Adam and Eve, as well as the sins of every person who had ever lived, who was living now, or will live on the earth after tonight. The cup held the solemn words—No other way, but His way—the perfect way; the Way, the Truth and the Life of Me—Messiah Jesus.

If I died for many, the way would be complete. I contemplated the way which would be paved in My blood, as I prayed and wept…

“Father, if it is possible… if there is any other way…

Let this cup pass from before Me…”

I tasted blood on my lips and tongue as the drops of blood streamed down my face into my mouth—only a foretaste of what was to come. I heard a band of soldiers approaching in the distance. I could hear their angry voices, but they faded from view for, after all, I was thinking of you…”

Twenty-Five Scenes to give you a deeper sense of God’s love for you… 

“In The Passion of Jesus,

Lauri Matisse weaves together historical fact

with imaginative insight

regarding Jesus’ thoughts

of devotion for those He loves,

as He journeys

From Gethsemane to Calvary.”

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